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Church weddings have been a very long standing tradition, and they tend to come with traditional decoration ideas as well. We’ll be taking a look at those traditional church decoration ideas and even offering creative suggestion or two of our own, as well. The primary types of decorations we’ll be taking a look at are the use of flowers, fabric, lighting, and decorative objects.

When anybody thinks of a church event they invariably think flowers, from the bride’s bouquet to the centerpieces in the reception hall. The use of color is always an important decision in decorating for a event, and you will need to take into consideration the existing color scheme in the church you’ve selected. Churches have been very successfully decorated for a reception using very different approaches in selecting the colors of the flowers. Some events have been beautifully carried off using a subdued range of colors for the flowers such as simple shades of white or even using plain greenery while others have used brightly colored and contrasting explosions of colors in their selection of flowers.

You can incorporate any type of fabric into your use of flowers that you can imagine, although some types of fabrics are easier to work with than others. If you’re creative enough you can even blur the lines between fabric and flowers by using the fabric to create flower like objects and even incorporating silk flowers into your designs. Your local fabric store will be full of lots of good advice about the best types of fabrics for you to work with. You can use fabric to create backdrops and swags, and to frame other decorative elements.

Lighting can be one of the most dramatic and compelling ways to create an atmosphere, and with advances in the portability of lighting you don’t have to rely on existing lighting anymore. It’s not that difficult to find lighting that’s battery driven and you can use it to create your own theme and dramatic lighting without having to worry about outlets and extension cords. You can use lighting to draw attention towards the things you want people to notice and away from things that you may not necessarily consider attractive about the church. Soft lighting can help to blur a lot of flaws out of being glaringly noticeable.

And finally, you can use decorative objects to help tie all of the decorations together and to pull it all in as a theme. While some themes are downright strange or unusual, small decorative touches can bring a theme subtly into being. One couple that met on the beach, for example, incorporated small touches of seashells into their more traditional decorations to honor how they met while still keeping the traditionally tasteful.

You may want to take a longer walk on the wild and create a strong theme throughout your decorating and incorporate a lot of decorative objects to express that theme. If your theme for the reception is cowboy in nature, for example, you can use cowboy hats on the ends of the pews with a bit of gingham fabric for swag.

Ultimately, the only limitation to decorating for your special day is the limits of your imagination – that and the flexibility of the church itself to go along. It’s an incredible opportunity to use your creativity to build a memorable experience.

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