Wedding Centerpieces That Are Sure to Impress Your Guests


It’s the big day and you may be wondering, “Is everything perfect?” Just then you notice that your wedding centerpieces that you ordered are completely wrong! They don’t match your wedding colors, they are completely out of theme, and you watch in horror as some of your guests point and laugh at what should be a beautiful addition to a perfect day. Well this won’t be you. In this article I’m going to give your brain some great wedding centerpiece ideas that you can use to impress all of your guests and ultimately contribute to what should be, the perfect day.

Seasonal Centerpiece Ideas

As the world turns and time moves on, so is true for the seasons. What better way to bring beauty to your wedding than using Mother Nature as your guide. Your center piece should focus on either winter, spring, summer, or fall depending on when your big day is. Here are two seasonal examples to get you started.

With winter wedding centerpieces, the idea is to think Christmas. In terms of color you would use the classical red, silver, green, and gold. For your decorations you could incorporate pine cones, pine, ornaments, and candles. A great example for this would be to make little Christmas tree centerpieces that are 2ft tall and colored in green and silver. Decorate them with over sized ornaments that glitter with the colors of your wedding theme. Finally, add white cloth skirts that are trimmed with gold and dress your trees in either white or colored Christmas lights. Some things to keep in mind: Don’t go overboard on the ornaments and also remember to stick to your wedding colors.

Now, it’s time for spring. Spring is a time of new and fresh so what better way to represent spring than to add the colors of spring into your wedding centerpiece. Colors that are light and fresh and reflected in nature such as Pastel Green, Pink, and Lavender are what you want to use. Some decorations that fit with spring are fresh flowers, ribbons, and bows. A good example of a spring center piece would be to use Terra Cotta pot as your foundation. Then wrap the pot with your wedding colored ribbons and add a touch of lace. Finally fill the pots with things like smoothed river rocks or colored marbles and put together little packets of mint, lavender, thyme, and marjoram around the base of the pots for your guest to take with them. Some things to keep in mind: Stay away from colors that are not light and fresh and experiment with things that you find in nature to place in your pots.

Hopefully now I’ve set you on a path to create some beautiful centerpieces that you can use to impress all of your guests and ultimately contribute to what should be, the perfect day.

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